What I thought of Go For The Eyes #1

As those who read these blogs of mine may now know, I adore Comixology because of it’s accessibility, not to mention how easy it is to browse new comics that shops don’t. or won’t stock. Comixology run a program where creators can self-publish their own comics under their Submit label, and it is as you’d expect, somewhat patchy with crap superheroes, rubbish horror comics and fantasy titles but it also throws out some amazing titles. Go For The Eyes is one of them.


Go For The Eyes is an autobiographical comic by the writer/artist Monica Gallagher which tells the story about her attempts to stand up to bullies through developing a physical, not to mention mental, strength she feels she’s doesn’t have.



Gallagher takes up martial arts in order to develop her self defence skills, but as she hasn’t got any female action heroes to look up to, she can only envision herself as a male hero such as Brandon Lee. until she sees Terminator 2  featuring a very buff Linda Hamilton and it all clicks from there.

Go For The Eyes works as a comic brilliantly. On the surface it’s just one woman’s story about learning martial arts and that she should always go for the eyes, but it’s funny, sad and it’s a nice story about female empowerment. There’s no spandex, no flesh eating monsters, no maiden with heaving bosoms.  Just a good, well told story which is wonderful.

Buy it from Comixology. It’ll be worth it.


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