Glastonbury 2014-One Week Later…..



A week ago these fields were rammed full, and were very, very much looking forward to the final day of the 2014 Glastonbury Festival. Now it’s had an amazing job in six days of clearing up all the tents people selfishly left behind, and of course, the massive mess. Now there’s the fence, the skin of the Pyramid and a few other signs that this was the location of the biggest festival in Europe.

In my blog about this year’s festival, I discussed the problems with the festival and even though I do genuinely think Michael Eavis needs to seriously rethink it’s focus, it’s still an amazing event. It just needs, well, pruning a bit, plus perhaps a cleansing of the more annoying aspects of it. I don’t feel the crushing ennui I did after last year’s festival, mainly because I’m in a bit of a better position than I was at the end of last year’s festival, but I still wish the festival could be on again this weekend, or at least, the best parts of it.

So it’s over for another year, and the year now moves into summer which means before we know it, Christmas and 2015. If this seems a tad melancholic then it is. It’s also a chance to assess where this blog is going as after all I’m up to date with my festival blogs, though I’ve still got tons of little stories I’ve forgotten about to do something with at some point. I’ve also got lots of comic blogs to do, plus a few more political blogs but it’s the reviews I’ve really enjoyed getting into so expect more of those.

To get me over the end of Glastonbury I’ll be enjoying the end of the World Cup, what there is left of the summer & counting the weeks til Glastonbury 2015……..

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