Leon Brittan and Elm Guest House-The Cover Up Starts…

Yesterday I blogged about how I felt what was a ‘conspiracy theory’ in regards the child abuse claims surrounding Leon Brittan and Elm Guest House had passed from what I considered at worst fantasy, and at best a scandal nowhere near as big or dreadful as I now believe it to be. Yesterday two reviews in the matter of institutional child abuse were announced and it seemed this story was being taken seriously.

Today it’s clear this is utter bollocks. The government have announced Dame Butler-Sloss as the senior figure to lead these reviews. As explained in this blog, she’s not only been involved in a cover-up herself in regards a road accident, but her brother is the same Attorney General who decided not to prosecute Peter Hayman, later convicted as a paedophile.  This isn’t the only move on behalf of those in power to obfuscate any chance we have of getting to the truth and getting justice for the victims both alive and dead.

David Mellor has been in the news defending Leon Brittan in regards the allegations flying around. The jist of Mellor’s defence  of Brittan is that he’s a jolly decent chap and any allegation is just ridiculous, and anyhow, Geoffrey Dickens was perfectly happy with him, and oh, did he mention how Leon Brittan was a jolly decent chap? The fact that it’s The Guardian who have given him this opportunity to muddy any investigation is utterly disgraceful as it gives space to a man who called abuse victim Stephen Meesham, a ‘weirdo’ which was also an attempt to obfuscate allegations of child abuse. Of course it needs to be pointed out that one of Nick Clegg’s first jobs was working in the office of Leon Brittan and The Guardian if anything, is so very loyal to it’s allies in the Lib Dems.

Mellor is saying there’s nothing to be found, but footage has emerged of the senior Tory whip, Tim Fortescue, speaking in a documentary in 1995 that well, kind of speaks for itself.

Let’s be clear here. We’re talking about the cover up of not only child abuse, but the abduction of children and severe sexual violence committed on children. In case anyone thinks this is unrealistic, then here’s an ITV documentary(which was referenced in this Nick Davies article) from the 1990’s called The Boy Business, that has some pretty shocking accusations so be aware it’s incredibly disturbing.

We know the harvesting of children to create images exists as this BBC Panorama about ‘The Wonderland Club’ can testify to. This is also very, very disturbing.

The scale of this thing draws you in like a moth to a flame, but the more and more I look into the this, not only am I utterly bloody horrified, but it’s clear that government, police and media have failed vulnerable children for decades. The wealthy, famous and powerful have been allowed to get away with this and it gets worse as I find out more little details such as the case of a Top of the Pops dancer who committed suicide at 15.

Claire Ufland died in April 1971 after dancing on Top of the Pops, and spending the night with a ‘famous DJ’ who was clearly Jimmy Savile.The name would have been know to journalists at the time and apart from small articles, nobody connected Ufland’s death to Savile. Nobody investigated it.

The fact is now clear that people knew about all of this and now that the scale of this institutional abuse is about to break, the establishment are closing ranks while throwing out diversionary tactics. It’s going to take a better person than me to piece this entire story together, if that is something that’s even possible now as it’s clear this abuse is a generational thing and may well be still going on so it’s down to sites like Exaro and the public to continue to put pressure on until this cannot be dismissed any further.


4 thoughts on “Leon Brittan and Elm Guest House-The Cover Up Starts…

  1. No coverup or conspiracy can stay hidden and secret forever, nor do they really need to extend beyond their purpose of protecting those responsible for the duration of their lives/careers. It takes one puss filled boil like saville to be picked at before the whole bloody lot unravels.

    The establishment in this country is more corrupt than most people realize. Secret societies such as Freemasons hold a monopoly of power, if you look closely enough you can see evidence of such people using their positions in the legal system to protect their own. The number one reason that the people in the positions to cover up the crimes of their associates and in some cases facilitate them is simple. Blackmail. It gives you the ability to control those around and below you, they will dance to your every tune because they know your secrets and they can end your life as you know it in one phone call.

    I heard someone talking on the daily politics try and pull the blame of this sort of stuff from political parties but the fact is that their NECs do this all of the time to protect themselves and to strengthen the effectiveness of the whip, so to speak. This is why I’d always urge anyone to vote for any small party that is bigger st the bottom than it is at the top, be it ukip, the greens etc.

    Conspiracy theories do not come about because people have nothing better to do, they come into existence because there is a discrepancy in something which invites people to look further. Some conclusions are wrong and totally far fetched but others may be dead on.

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