End of the Century-The end of The Ramones

This is the first Ramones album and in the light of Tommy Ramone passing away, it should be listened to again and again.

With the last of the original Ramones gone, the band is finally over, though there’s some who say that happened when Joey died, this is really the end of the band who did so much and were appreciated nowhere near enough in the US, although they were always successful here in the UK.

I saw The Ramones a few times; once in Glasgow in the 1980’s and a few times at the now sadly gone Astoria with it’s slanting sticky dance floor during the 1990’s. They were a force live. The first time I saw them they played around seven songs in about a quarter of an hour and did not stop that pace one bit. They were brilliantly relentless, and the last time I saw them I was still fried from that year’s Glastonbury Festival.


The Ramones were a band who meant something. They updated a surf sound and pumped out brilliant snappy Punk songs and were ripped off my many a British Punk Star (listen to the first Clash album after listen to the first Ramones album) for their riffs, but nobody could match their sound or energy.

True, the quality of many of their albums were iffy at times in the 1980’s, but I didn’t care. They were still The Ramones, and they’d done one of my favourite pop albums, End of the Century, which was produced by Phil Spector, and even now it sounds utterly brilliant with a freshness few modern pop-punk bands even attempt to reach.

Now The Ramones should be remembered for the brilliant band they were, and not a fashion accessory for people trying to opt into something for some credibility, and honestly, if a One Direction fan or some vain Hipster wears a t-shirt with the Ramones logo on it this weekend then they deserve all the abuse they deserve to take.

So farewell to Tommy, may he rest in peace with the rest of the lads forever thrashing in whatever afterlife people like them end up in.


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