The World Cup is over and I am sad…….

Yesterday Germany won the World Cup against an under performing Argentina side who relied upon one man. Here in the UK, 60% of those who watched the final saw it on BBC which means they choose to avoid ITV’s ridiculously awful coverage with Ian Wright leaping around like he’s just discovered speed, and Adrian Chiles proving that care in the community doesn’t work.

The BBC of course wasn’t immune to stupidity. Jonathan Pearce’s lack of understanding about how time works is still wonderfully thick, and his arrogance that he was in the right, and not wrong makes it funnier, but in all the hilarity over that people missed this corker of a fuck-up.

Alan Hansen retired from TV punditry and it ended up showing the public that actually, he was very good at the job and we’ll miss him. Especially as that cretin Robbie Savage will now get an increased role on the BBC’s football coverage.

Of course both channels bleated on about England and when England fell apart, the BBC at least put their jingoism on the top  shelf, while ITV still pandered to the UKIP supporter who seems to be their core demographic these days, by wittering on about ‘1966’ and ‘The Argies’ all the fucking time!. Both BBC and ITV need to remember that they’re not broadcasting to xenophobic English wankers.

As for the tournament itself, this was the first true classic World Cup of the 21st Century. The group stages had some of the most exciting international football I’ve seen in a long time. True, it was short of skill at times but the amount of well organised teams like Costa Rica or Colombia showed they could match or better so-called bigger nations like England or Italy. The standard of football was wonderful though, and the quality of some of the goals scored were glorious, as were many of the fans though the lack of poorer Brazilian fans were far too obvious as the World Cup is no longer somewhere for ordinary fans to go.

And this makes the Brazil World Cup the last great World Cup. In four years it’s going to be in Russia which comes with a distinct set of moral problems, while in 2022 it’s in Qatar, which is an utter joke as it’s going to make a tournament where players run the risk of serious injury all the time, but the entire tournament will be built upon the bodies of the thousands of people who will have died building the stadia by then. I’ve suggested fans boycott the 2022 tournament, and I hope they do in serious numbers. We shouldn’t support what FIFA, and Sepp Blatter, have turned the World Cup into.

So thanks to Brazil for the last month It’s been a wonderful World Cup with by far the best team winning it. A month ago I honestly was expected an average tournament and got fr beyond any expectations, and although it’s not hit the peaks of the 1982 and 1986 tournaments, it’s up there. Had it had a truly glorious final, it’d have been close. I’m going to miss the nightly games, and the endless speculation about what might happen and although with the Scottish league season only a few weeks way will bring some of that back, it’s not quite the same.

Only another two years til the Euros though….




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