Best Bun Toon Ever? Yay!

As people who read this blog regularly will know, I’m somewhat disparaging of most modern superhero comics for being identikit, predictable, badly written rubbish. This week DC Comics have been getting people to ignore again the fact Bill Finger was one of the main creators of Batman by plugging something called ‘Batman Day’, which is designed to cash in on the added interest in comics this week thanks to San Diego Comic Con. It’s really just an excuse to part people from their money.

Ty Templeton currently draws Batman ’66 for DC and he’s done this work of sheer genius which diffuses the last 25 years of Batman stories into a few panels. It’s bloody brilliant.


Ty Templeton's ART LAND!!

It only comes but once a year! It only comes but once a year!

Sorry this was a bit late, my computer has been bitten by something, and I have to upload on the wife’s machine.  Sheesh!

This week included Bat-Day, the 75th Birthday of the guy who pays my mortgage.  So in celebration, I give you…


There.  Now you don’t have to read Batman comics any more, I’ve topped them all.

Ty the Guy OUT!


In case anyone was wondering, THIS is the best Batman comic ever…and if you ask at a convention, I can prove it.


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