Woman arrested after posting photo of George Osborne at prostitute’s flat

I would never suggest re-posting this everywhere because that would be hugely embarrassing to George Osborne and the very last thing I want to do is hugely embarrass him.

So please, don’t repost this. Please don’t….

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the corrupt UK today!)

A woman was arrested today after posting a photograph on Twitter of chancellor George Osborne at her flat when she worked as a madame at an escort agency.

Natalie Rowe posted this photo on Twitter just two days ago:

rowe osborne

Then today Natalie was arrested by the police for “abusive behaviour”:

rowe osborne1

Natalie’s home was also searched last year by police after she tried to publish her memoirs in which she mentions Osborne took cocaine and used her services as a dominatrix called Miss Whiplash:

Cops raid home of ex-vice madam about to tell all on wild parties involving top Tories

Is any more proof needed that our police are being used to protect politicians’ reputations rather than catching criminals?


Please share. Don’t let our politicians get away with this. Thanks:

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5 thoughts on “Woman arrested after posting photo of George Osborne at prostitute’s flat

  1. Bloody hell, as if it couldn’t get any worse! Why do these sad pricks need to pay for it anyway? It’s not that hard to go out and meet someone, maybe even meet someone for something lasting and meaningful! love isn’t dead! 🙂


  2. I hope everyone enjoys the new flavour totalitarian state. This is just the thin edge of the wedge. Soon you will be arrested for thinking they are all pricks who need jailing. Never mind actually giving voice to your thoughts.


  3. The only thing that is wrong here is that the police are involved. Georgey can do what he wants as far as I’m concerned, and so can whatserface. Nothing illegal, consenting adults, move along…


  4. Ah yes, a photo of George Osborne with a woman is hard evidence that he slept with prostitutes and took class A drugs. Why didn’t anyone else see this before?!


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