What I thought of Nightworld #1



Nightworld is a four issue mini series published by Image Comics who provide the blurb below…

Cult-hit creators Adam McGovern and Paolo Leandri (THE NEXT ISSUE PROJECT, Project: Romantic) team up for an all-new series that brings humor, horror, tragic romance, and blockbuster monster fights together in NIGHTWORLD, coming this August from Image Comics.

Sad demon Plenilunio rules a haunted castle with his sleepwalking lover Lidia, and unwisely bargains with the evil Empyre to wake her. He’s in a race for the mystic Soul Key with teen-from-Hades Hotspot and the ruthless Hellena—agents of the Empyre with secret agendas. A four-part thrill ride to hell starts here.


To say the comic wears it’s influences on it’s sleeve is an understatement as right away the spirit of Jack Kirby comes bursting out the pages.  I should also make it clear here that I’ve been a mate of the colourist Dominic Regan since I first met him hanging around comic shops in Glasgow in the early 1980’s when we were all much, much younger. Dom’s one of those people who’ve bubbled under in the comics world for a long time but has never found the success he should have had. His colouring work in this is simply lovely, but what about the comic as a whole?


Well, it looks great as said, and the dialogue is of the Stan Lee levels of angst ridden pathos which fits the look perfectly and the storytelling is wonderful.


Nightworld is a delight. It’s a reminder of when mainstream comics were fun, were simple but not simplistic, and although there’s those post modern readers who’re too cool for this sort of comic, who cares about them. This comic isn’t full of layers and layers of meaning as it’s just meant to be enjoyed for what it is which is a love letter to the comics of Kirby, Ditko and other greats of the 1960’s and 70’s.


What I love about this is there’s no cynicism, no irony, no nihilism. It’s fun. Buy iy from good comic shops or download it from Comixology as I did.



3 thoughts on “What I thought of Nightworld #1

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