What I thought of Bunny Town #1


Here’s a wee secret. I’ve always had a soft spot for funny animal comics. I loved Carl Barks Scrooge McDuck stories, and even bough Captain Carrot when it first came out in the 1980’s. I like the more twisted funny animal stuff, even Squeak the Mouse which is a little bit too much for some people as it is hilariously obscene.

Bunny Town stood out in this week’s new titles at Comixology as it instantly reminded me somehow of Chester Brown’s early work. It’s nowhere near that quality, but it is wonderfully wrong, in a rather fun way. The writer/artist Will Allison, tells the story of Lonely, a bunny from out of town trying to find new friends and not having much luck until meeting friendly shark Malibu, who introduces her to his friends Bollo and Blacksie.



Lonely finds out that Bunny Town doesn’t have any bunnies left, but there’s a mystery teased by her new friends.



To find out what happens you’ll have to buy the comic, but this isn’t Adventure Time, this is something darker and just a bit nastier. It does however set the tone and it throws itself down avenues that are gloriously and unrepentantly dark but still wonderfully funny in the same way something like Blue Jam was funny.


Bunny Town is a twisted little joy that won’t be for everyone’s taste but try it out, and for 69p on Comixology what have you got to lose?


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