About those Cliff Richard rumours…..

In case you’re one of the three people who haven’t found out the news, Cliff Richard has had his home searched by the police investigating claims he sexually abused a boy under the age of 16 in the 1980’s.

The internet is exploding with rumours and many of them are old, old rumours which have had the cobwebs blown off them for use in 2014, and sadly some of these rumours are deeply homophobic, but in among all the crap are some which seem to have legs. Though if I repeat them here it would be libelous so I’m sure anyone reading this can use Google to find them and judge which is crap and what might be the sort of story that newspaper editors have sat on for decades. I remember hearing ‘stories’ about Cliff in the late 1980’s that seemed like they’d been around for a while then, so by now they’ll qualify for their pension.

This does provide a distraction of sorts from the Leon Brittan story but hopefully things are fully investigated and Richard has his name cleared or joins the ranks of the likes of Jimmy Savile as a disgraced British entertainer.

The internet though is a harsh mistress and provides it’s own commentary upon Cliff’s rumours…



One thought on “About those Cliff Richard rumours…..

  1. I think now attention seekers are clambering onto this ‘celebrity rape’ bandwagon, thinking they can get something out of it. The stuff about cliff is clearly a load of horse shit and if it is based upon Internet conspiracies, the police have violated his rights by invading his home on the back of non-evidence. Furthermore, this can only harm the integrity of genuine cases.


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