What I thought of Pop #1

popPop, the new comic from Dark Horse Comics, has a brilliant idea at it’s heart.

What if the world’s pop stars and celebrities were literally products, grown by the world’s wealthiest (and most depraved) minds—and one of them escaped?


Written by Curt Pires (who sounds like a player Arsenal should have signed in 2001), drawn by Jason Copeland and with a fantastically designed cover by Dylan Todd, Pop stands out from not just the reams of TV and film tie-ins Dark Horse pump out, but in this week’s new comics.

The idea of disposable pop stars isn’t new, and Pires wisely decides to drop that Andy Warhol line in early to get it out the way. In fact it’s dropped in the third panel of page one and it’s a smart move, and yes, the comic opens with a dig at the horror that is Simon Cowell and his programmes like X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent.


Fame is transient, so the idea that pop stars are grown is a fun idea, but the concept is so simple and understandable in 2014, that’s there’s no messing about as the comic belts right into the story. Elle Ray is the new pop star to be grown and she’s vanished from a guided tour by some mysterious investors.


Once free, Elle Ray runs into Coop, a suicidal comic and record shop owner (with my own history, I can identify with this) and the pair hide from the attempts to find Elle Ray, by the mysterious smoking man, and this leads the comic to venture into satirical waters with certain pop stars getting very short shrift…


Pop is great fun. It’s a romp that doesn’t get tiring that attacks people who need attacking, and it’s a thriller along with it. It’s not going to change the face of comics, but then again it’s a comic about pop stars and the transience of what pop stardom is, so it’s somewhat fitting that’s it’s such a bit of passing fun.

The first issue is in shops or can be downloaded from Dark Horse here.


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