It would have been Jack Kirby’s 97th birthday today

Last year I wrote a blog about what would have been Jack Kirby’s 96th birthday and I don’t have much more to add to that.



But I do have a few things really. Since last year I’m chuffed to see much, much more mainstream media attention on Kirby, his work and although it’s in relation to the fact his work is being adapted to films such as the recent Guardians of the Galaxy (Groot, Celestials, Kree, Ronan are all Kirby creations)  it’s nice to see a creative genius like Kirby getting the attention he deserves. With a film of his Ant Man character coming out next year, they’ll be even more attention on the cultural debt we all owe Kirby.


It’s a pity it’s after his death but I firmly believe that had Kirby been recognised for the talent he was, then he’d have been a figure like Andy Warhol and revered by mainstream art critics as opposed to a bunch of kids who loved how he made worlds come to life in work like Thor.


Kirby was influential and most people don’t even know how much he created work which is a part of their lives, so in the build up to what will have been his 100th birthday we’ve got a chance to get that right. See, we were kids but we knew genius when we saw it. Now we’re grown up it’s our way of paying back and giving respect not only to Kirby, but those who worked with him and his family, including his granddaughter who runs the wonderful Kirby4Heroes campaign to help disadvantaged comic creators  in the US.

jack kirby2001

Kirby would take an idea, use it and move onto another idea. This is fairly common and today creators do exactly the same and use an idea until they’ve milked it dry but Kirby would use ideas in a few panels, and then move on to more and more and more. His imagination was seemingly endless. So cheers for the fun and happy birthday!





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