The desperate attempts to keep Scotland in the Union by the media

It appears that the media in London have realised that the referendum on Scottish Independence isn’t going to be as simple as they thought after the weekend’s poll which suggest that it will be very, very close indeed with Yes sneaking itself in the lead for the first time. 

Parts of the media have imploded with the thought of Scottish independence to the degree where the sense of sheer desperation is dripping from all of the media, which hit a depth with this rather astonishing poll from the Guardian titled ‘Will a new royal baby save the Union‘. Yes, this is the paper which was a proud support of democracy and leftish politics desperately trying to do Westminster’s work, but the Telegraph is as bad, as is the Daily Mirror, and as for the BBC and Channel 4 News they’re giving free reign to Gordon Brown to tell the nation about his plan to save the Union and how, maybe, possibly, perhaps give Scotland if it votes No, and if the Tories agree, and if Godzilla doesn’t invade….

It’s all a load of utter bollocks. It’s essentially making it a choice between the people of Scotland making their own choices, or still begging cap in hand to Westminster to see what they throw in a desperate attempt to keep hold of Scotland.

There’s a palatable sense of panic in the air but the truth is this could well be that moment when everything in the UK changes and all the bullshit we’ve had to put up with comes down for all to see. This isn’t about Alex Salmond, or indeed, Gordon Brown, but it’s about Scotland making it’s own choices for good or bad, and not having to cling onto the hope that perhaps, maybe, something might be given to Scotland if Westminster and the establishment deem it worthy. That isn’t democracy, it’s leftovers.

So look at what’s being said today and if you have a vote ask yourself if this is only being discussed not because the likes of the London establishment and Westminster want to retain the Union, but because they’re scared of losing face, and in doing losing, losing power. This is what it’s all about, not about ‘promises’ of Home Rule from failed politicians like Gordon Brown. The people of Scotland have the chance to put it all behind them in ten days, and I hope they look at the panic of today and realise that things are going to change, but only if it’s a Yes vote.That’s the only thing which is definitely on the table and people need to take it.


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