Irvine Welsh’s opinions on Scottish Independence is essential reading

The campaign for Scottish Independence is getting more and more intense. All three Unionist party leaders in Scotland joined forces today for what looked like the most forced meeting ever to back the powers that might, possibly, perhaps, maybe be given to Scotland if all parties agree, if the right government gets in and if the UK electorate sits back and lets it all happen.

Meanwhile the Yes campaign pushed on with a photo opportunity showing the Yes campaign to be multiracial and multicultural. It shows the genuine forward thinking diversity of a future Scotland against the old establishment parties who have singularly failed. The ‘powers’ Gordon Brown speaks of aren’t new, or indeed guaranteed, not that they would actually make any difference. Here lies the problem with dragging in a dinosaur like Gordon Brown, he’s of the past and it’s clearly an attempt to firm up Labour’s power base in Scotland but Labour have seen Scotland turn on them as they’re now being seen by an increasing amount of former Labour voters as having failed them, which of course they have.

Forget David Cameron and Nick Clegg coming to Scotland tomorrow to campaign for No, they’ll only drive more people to vote Yes. It’s the sad sight of Ed Milliband hoisting up Saltires in Liverpool, supporting Tory policy and suggesting the appalling Work Programme will help the unemployed. That’s where Milliband and Labour are. Propping up policies which move people around unemployment figures and desperately panicking about that seat in the Lords going up in smoke.

In the midst of all this Irvine Welsh wrote a simply wonderful dissection of Labour, and outlined why people should support independence It is simply, the most thoughtful an intelligent thing you’ll read about the subject today and I suggest everyone reads it and then disseminates it so more and more people can read it. It’s simply glorious.

Read it in it’s entirety here. 



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