What I thought of Terminal Hero #2

Thoughts about #1.



Pete Milligan’s story of Rory, the good guy suffering from terminal cancer who develops super powers after receiving an experimental treatment, goes in even more bizarre directions in this second issue. A strange group of British government officials turn up to try to recruit Rory for their own, obviously dodgy, purposes.


Agents Davenport and Campbell want to use Rory’s new powers to well,murder people, and not just any people. Rory is murdering suspected Islamic terrorists who are actually people who haven’t committed any crime yet.



At this point Terminal Hero turns from an interesting comic to something else entirely. This addition of some very real international politics at a time when massive amounts of people are going from the UK to fight for ISIS should give people the same jolt it game me. After all, the portrayal of terrorism and it’s causes in American mainstream comics tends to be so pathetically binary, or worse, simplistic, that it’s often insulting to read. Milligan here plays with liberal sensibilities to a degree that’s going to shock people as he dabbles with sex, violence, incest and paedophillia in a story which on the surface, is about Rory gaining powers and killing people the British government want dead.

However, what if he’s just imagining all of this? He is after all suffering from a brain tumour which is killing him and this could be playing out in his mind. Is this really Rory playing out some very dark wish fulfillment fantasy in his tumorous mind?


I wasn’t too gripped by the first issue of this series, but this issue is fantastic. I don’t find Kowalski’s art too great in places, but Milligan’s script is massively original, with some amazingly sharp dialogue and is amazingly troubling in places. I’m not kidding in saying this is an adult comic, but it’s not just the old sex and violence type of ‘adult’ that permeates mainstream American comics, but hard subjects that will shock. Milligan isn’t scared of getting out of his comfort zone and he ensures he takes the reader with him. I’d strongly advise that if you’ve not picked this up so far, then go out and get the first issue. This really is worth reading.


4 thoughts on “What I thought of Terminal Hero #2

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