The last Saturday before Scottish Independence becomes reality?

I’m typing this in a pub in Cardiff. A mate is watching Cardiff City playing Norwich City on the pub’s TV on a dodgy feed and it looks to be a cracking game. Cardiff itself is as always, beautiful and horrendous but that’s the joy of the place. As for the people, they’re on the whole, fantastic people.

I am not here over the bridge from Bristol to drink beer, chat with mates, drink beer, watch football on illegal TV feeds, and drink beer, but I was here for the rally organised by a Welsh pro-Scottish independence group, Go For It Scotland, in support of the Yes campaign in Scotland. The BBC have reported only 400 people in attendance. That is frankly bollocks and a quick skim of pictures on Twitter suggest the real attendance of around a thousand people or so.


It’s inspiring to see so many people in Cardiff join in unity with the people of Scotland. There weren’t just Welsh nationalists from Plaid Cymru but there were Scots, English and a variety of people supporting Scottish self determination. Of course it’s nowhere near as impressive as the rally in Glasgow this afternoon where Yes supporters have taken over Buchanan Street.



I don’t see or hear of massive grass roots rallies for the No campaign. I don’t hear people enthuse about how the No campaign has energised people or how it’s revealed Labour to be as complicit as the Tories in failing Scotland, as well as the people of Britain. I don’t see the discussion of the future from Better Together, but instead I hear people talking about ‘solutions’, and endlessly talking about how one day, if the right government was voted in by the right people, then something might get better for someone.

Nah, that shite is over as far as the people in the pictures above are concerned. They see the possibilities of the future and although here in Wales and the South West, there’s nothing like the explosion which is happening in Scotland, there is today on a sunny day in Cardiff tiny shoots of something possibly happening because to refer back to that BBC link, there’s this comment from former Wales Office minister Jon Owen Jones.

Mr Jones told BBC Wales: “I think the vote will go against [independence].

“I’m sure that we’ll have problems in Wales, whatever happens.

“Personally, I believe the problems will be worse if Scotland decides to leave.


So there’s a wee threat, which is entirely expected from the likes of failed Labour politicians like him as there’s been a load of failed Labour, Tory and Lib Dem politicians desperately trying to spin fear and threats to people but a lot of people don’t believe them and after they’ve done their own research they realise they can take power back from those who have clung onto it for decades. There’s finally something to look forward to, but it’s not over yet. The people of Scotland need to make their decision on Thursday and if it’s Yes then they’ll need to make their decision work and I know they will, but they’ll need help and support. Today in a Cardiff where their football team are playing at home, the sun is out, hen do’s are shrieking, shoppers are buying things in the perennial sales there’s a wee bit of the city supporting Scotland and wishing of better things for not only the Scots, but all the people of these islands.

As I get my train back to Bristol for a quiet night with Doctor Who and a curry I only hope people look at what’s happening and realise something huge could happen this week. If that huge thing does happen I hope people act on it, but Scotland, please vote Yes to kick it all off.




6 thoughts on “The last Saturday before Scottish Independence becomes reality?

  1. Which Cardiff pub were you in? It has to be my favorite city in the whole of the UK. Lot of good memories there. I’m glad the Welsh have come out in support of Scotland too!


  2. Got a name for it? I can remember there is a wetherspoons/Lloyd’s bar and a microbrewery pub type place around that area, but as a welsh rugby fan I’m sure you can imagine I’ve been to any pub in the immediate area after a match haha!


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