People in London are waving flags at Unity 2014 while the people of Scotland go to food banks

Right now in London there’s an event called Unity 2014 featuring Eddie Izzard and friends trying to get the people of Scotland to look at all the great and good gathered there with the people in Trafalgar Square to see how much they really love them. Look there’s Dan Snow whose family owns acres of land in Scotland! Look, there’s people thinking it’s all about Alex Salmond! Look, there’s some young girls having a pop at Scottish politicians!

Look, there’s old Bob Geldof suggesting women just have a quiet think like the old establishment prick he is.

Meanwhile in Scotland people are voting Yes because of shite like this.

This foodbank is in Maryhill. I grew up there, along other parts of North Glasgow, including Possil and Milton. It’s one of the most deprived areas not only in Glasgow, but the UK as a whole and these people, seriously, have the fucking audacity to make this about having a pop at Alex Salmond’s name while waving Union Jack’s and Saltires like that fucking means something?

Why isn’t Dan Snow organising big events against poverty? Why isn’t Bob Geldof paying tax in his own country so the Irish people might benefit from his lack of talent? What aren’t those daft arseholes treating this like some twisted Last Night of the Proms marching on Downing Street not far from where they are now to protest the poverty too many people livein not just in Scotland, but across the UK? I know Eddie Izzard at least has a conscience but he’s very, very wrong on this. This is not about flag waving but it’s about self determination and ensuring a better future for not just the few but all of Scotland regardless of where you were born or what sex you are or what colour you are.

All or nothing.

As regular readers of my blog know, I’m an ex-pat Scot who’s lived across the UK. I managed to get out of Scotland at a time when things were going wrong in the country, and I do love these islands but it’s over. The Union is dead and if the people of Scotland vote No, then the establishment will come piling down to close the door to ensure this never, ever happens again and the future is dark.

A Yes vote shows not only a possible brighter future for not only Scotland, but across the UK and judging from the tiny shoots I saw in Cardiff on Saturday, this could be the start of something wonderful and enormous.

But those at Unity 2014 don’t see this. They see this as another chance to wave Union flags and celebrate victories their great grandparents won while they stand around with their soft puffy faces sneering at the people of Scotland as after all, the rhetoric of this event suggests Scotland is property of these people. Look at them waving at the people of Scotland because they love you!


Fuck them all. If this is ‘unity’ then we’re better tearing the whole facade down and starting over so we can work for an equal and fair country.

I rightly don’t have a vote this week as I live in Bristol, but please Scotland, vote Yes if only to show these people where your priorities lie. Not waving flags and dreaming of days forever gone, but so the people of Maryhill don’t use foodbanks, or live in poverty and the people of Scotland all have the same chances in life.  We shouldn’t have people going hungry while there’s people dancing in Trafalgar Square and mocking the people of Scotland’s chance of self determination.

Don’t let these bastards wake up on Friday thinking they were right.


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