Please vote Yes for Scottish Independence

Tomorrow is the referendum in Scotland to decide whether the people of Scotland become an independent country or remain part of the United Kingdom. Normally on a Wednesday I’d be writing reviews of various comics (expect them tomorrow), chilling out, and looking forward to a relaxing/drunken weekend, but tonight I’m shitting myself even though as many reading these blogs know that I’m an ex-pat Scot living in Bristol so I rightfully don’t have a vote. Even though I don’t have a vote, I want Scottish Independence to happen not only because the people of Scotland will be better off from it, but because it’ll create a domino effect that will fall across the UK. It might, just might, be the thing these islands need to shake off the neoliberal experiment that’s failed but has been propped up by governments for over 40 years.

It’s been a remarkable two year campaign which has seen the Yes campaign claw back a 30% lead in the polls even though the majority of the media (apart from the Sunday Herald) strongly support a No vote. Even the supposed ‘liberal’ papers like the Independent and the Guardian are strongly supporting the Union, not to mention they’ve indulged in spreading the vicious stories about Yes campaigners being ready for violence, with the Guardian’s reporting of Ed Milliband’s photo opportunity in Edinburgh yesterday being a particularly nasty bit of Unionist propaganda. A politician heckled and called a liar!! They must be Nazis!!

This is what the Yes campaign has had to endure as it’s supposedly shouting down opposition, but people strong political debate most of the time and we need this passion and drive on both sides. After all this passion needs to continue after tomorrow’s vote to either continue the fight with Westminster or build a fair and equal country. An independent Scotland needs everyone there to build a proper future for all, and even though the bigots like the Orange Order dragged themselves out to support the Unionist cause, it seems the momentum is still with Yes but it isn’t over til the last vote is counted.

In in this remarkable atmosphere in Scotland things have got nasty at times, but when we have Police Scotland making a statement about the No campaign’s rhetoric, especially online where it’s especially vicious. It isn’t every No campaigner indulging in this obviously but it’s enough to taint people, and it’s a pity that it’s resulted in this statement but then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if people in Westminster are ensuring trouble happens regardless of the result.

But still, enough of the negativity. The people of Scotland in my opinion should vote Yes. I’m proud to see Scotland stand up and announce to the world that if they vote Yes they will work to provide another way; a better way than this horrendous race to the bottom we’re locked into, or at least, we thought we were locked into. Of course if it’s a Yes, the people of Scotland will stand with their cousins in Wales, Northern Ireland and of course, England but they just won’t be ruled by Westminster politicians skimming expenses, covering up paedophiles, in the pockets of lobbyists and media moguls or be taken to yet another pointless overseas war.

An independent Scotland will be flawed. Things will go wrong. This however is what happens all the time, even with the better run countries but the time is now for the people of Scotland to strike a light for the will of the people and I hope vote Yes with confidence and pride.


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