Scotland has voted against Independence

It’s now very clear the Yes campaign lost and Better Together won. Now the media are openly talking about how all those extra powers Gordon Brown promised aren’t written in stone, or how these ‘new powers’ are totally unknown to anyone. It’s now clear what got the No campaign over the line by this ‘promise’

It’s clear the No campaign managed to conflate voting No with some sort of ‘devo max’ when in fact it was a No to the question ‘should Scotland be an independent country?’, not ‘should Scotland be an independent country or get ‘more powers’?’. That and the barrage of fear over the last two weeks has pushed No over the line with the 400k or so votes that’s pushed it over the line.

It’s those undecided voters who swayed it and they came out in support of the Union thinking they were going to get more power for Scotland, yet these powers are already under threat by Tory backbenchers who promise to veto them. By Monday it may be perfectly clear that what people thought when they voted No isn’t going to happen and their vote hasn’t counted.

So as much as I respect the democratic will of the people of Scotland, I don’t have to like it.It’s been a long,  long night and I’m off for some sleep but this isn’t over yet, not by a long shot.


2 thoughts on “Scotland has voted against Independence

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