What I thought of Doctor Who: Time Heist

Thoughts about Deep Breath; Into the Dalek; Robot of Sherwood and Listen

Since Doctor Who returned in 2005, the programme has drawn heavily upon inspiration from 2000AD and British comics from the last 40 years. Russell T. Davies especially was perfectly happy to dip in and out of comics for inspiration and although Stephen Moffat has been doing less of this pilfering he’s not adverse to nicking a few tins of 2000AD, or the odd idea from the likes of Alan Moore, John Wagner and about anyone who’s written a comic in the UK.

Time Heist is a 2000AD strip from the bizarre aliens, crude satires on modern life (in this case, banks and the super-rich) and lots of actin, though in this case it’s endless running up and down corridors.

This isn’t a great episode. It’s  bit light, even though it further explores how Capaldi’s Doctor can be a ‘good man’ but this isn’t to say it’s not enjoyable which it is but it’s just a bit too much like things we’ve seen on the programme before. Also for some reason this episode reminded me a bit of Lexx, a forgotten bit of SF telly from a wee while ago. Maybe it’s the monsters, or the sexy women in leather, or the mysterious hacker, but it’s an oddly lacking episode that reminds me of the weaker of RTD’s Big SF Episodes. Maybe this is because this series so far is of such a high quality that I felt this episode was so weak, or maybe it’s because I’ve been so depressed by the result of the Scottish referendum that watching it again in a few days might be better when there isn’t a dark cloud hovering above me.

What was a stand out though was the appearance, albeit briefly, of Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer, the character created for Dez Skinn’s Doctor Who Weekly by Steve Moore and Steve Dillon.

Yes it’s for a fraction of a second but it’s a nice fun thing for Moffat to throw in and yes, it makes Abslom Daak canon for Who fans which means reams and reams of dreadful fanfiction. Joy.

So sadly, I didn’t think this to be anything more than a bit of fluff. Peter Capaldi was excellent still and Jenna Coleman continues to impress, as did the splendid supporting cast but it was a ll bit, well, meh.


3 thoughts on “What I thought of Doctor Who: Time Heist

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