David Cameron made the Queen ‘purr’ when he told her the result of the Scottish Independence referendum


So if you were in Scotland and voted Yes, you may well be calming down now. You may well be focusing on campaigning to how the three main Westminster parties to the ‘vow’ that helped No cement their vote, even though those promises are quickly vanishing into the mist by being tagged onto the debate about English (the Welsh and Northern Irish can forget getting anything) home rule.

You might even have calmed down after watching Ed Milliband lie to Labour voters in England about the NHS and democratic devolution of power from Westminster.

You may have voted No, and you see that you’ve been duped, but you hold onto the hope that really, it’s going to work out because otherwise the last month of the campaign for the referendum campaign from Better Together was a gigantic lie and you fell for it. But hey, they wouldn’t rub it in would they? That wouldn’t be too much surely?

Then you see this. You see what won last Thursday. The establishment didn’t just win, but they’re rubbing your face in shit and laughing at you for it, and you democratically allowed them to do it to you. The Mayor of New York is laughing with Cameron and at at you people who voted Yes and No. You were sold a lie.This isn’t to say that had it been Yes, the people of Scotland would be in paradise as people realised there was a lot of work to be done, but this latest humiliation not even a week after the result should motivate every single last Yes and No voter with a spine and a remaining bit of dignity to throw it all back in their face.

The SNP and other pro-independence parties have seen massive growth since Friday, but it now has to be clear that all Westminster parties have to be wiped clean from the face of Scotland, and in 2016 the SNP is elected on a platform for another referendum within the life of the next Scottish Parliament based upon the forthcoming failure to provide Scotland with the promise they made.

So look at that video again and I hope it makes you feel sick. I hope you’re angry beyond words. When you get to that stage, channel that anger, join a pro-independence party and funnel all that energy into ensuring next May that Parliament has a large group of pro-independence MP’s . A wise man once said that ‘anger is an energy’ so get up and do something. They might be laughing now, but when this is won, they won’t be.


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