Conspiracy theories about the Scottish Referendum are a waste of time

Since last Friday there’s been plenty of conspiracy theories about the result of the referendum, from dodgy counters, to Yes votes being chucked in with No and on and on. Google them, I’m not linking to them as regular readers of this blog will know how I feel about conspiracy theories.  

Thankfully the website Wings Over Scotland debunks all of them and makes it clear, that really people should be putting all that energy into the next round to ensure that in the next 3-5 years when Westminster yet again fails Scotland that the next referendum for Scottish independence is the one where Yes gets not just over the line, but well over the line with the majority of the people of Scotland standing together to shape their future.

This isn’t to say that investigation of the alleged electoral fraud in Glasgow should be forgotten about as that may well go down the same path as Tower Hamlets, but right now move to shape Scotland’s future not by dwelling on defeat. I understand that people are angry and need something to cling onto, but Yes lost and frankly, people need to deal with that and move on. Don’t let the last year or two’s positivity be lost and join in with the incredible movement in Scotland that’s showing that country leads the Union in terms of political activism.

Next up is the general election in May. Throw all your energies into campaigning to oust all Unionist MP’s from Scotland, or at the very least send a serious message to the Westminster parties that it really isn’t over.

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