What was the point of the Scottish Referendum and Gordon Brown anyhow?

Gordon Brown has made another speech. I’m sure people are erect with excitement at the thought of Auld Pa Broon wittering on aimlessly for hours on end, but this is actually important in the wake of the Scottish Referendum where 1.6 million people voted for independence, and a large number of the 2 million who voted no did so based upon ‘The Vow‘ and the promise of more devolved powers for Scotland. So unless you’re one of those racist bigots who rioted in George Square in Glasgow the day after the vote, most people want more powers for Scotland at the very,very least.


Now the clever folk out there will have noticed that the timetable process didn’t start in the 19th September, and in fact it turned into a debate about English powers and attempts to block democratically elected Scottish MP’s from voting on ‘English laws’, something that when things are reversed (English MP’s voting on Scotland only issues) hasn’t gained one word of dissent for the decades that it’s been happening.

This of course is the sticky constitutional issues many on the Yes Campaign were saying hadn’t been thought out and would cause many of the problems we’re seeing now, and that came after a two year debate where all of this could have been discussed, planned and organised rather than hastily scribbled down on a fag packet outside the Daily Record building.

Today’s speech though was in regards the commission headed up by Lord Smith of Kelvin which is to deliver the ‘more powers’ promised to the people of Scotland only a few weeks ago. Today in this speech Brown said this:

So I will support the petition that is now being circulated on the importance of keeping promises, and I would urge all Scots to sign it.


What petition you may ask? Well, strap yourself in and get ready for this because Brown has called on 100,000 Scots to sign a petition to demand Westminster keeps it’s promises. Unless he missed it, millions of people cast a vote only 12 days ago. Nicola Sturgeon sums it up well in this Tweet.


‘The Vow’ is falling apart and with Ruth Davison saying that ‘Devo Max’ is ruled out, it’s becoming painfully obvious where all this is going and this time he can’t blame Tony Blair, or indeed, anyone else.



It is frankly, a fucking pathetic joke. A sad twisted joke being played upon the millions of people who voted whose votes are now being suggested to be supplemented by a fucking petition! The sheer desperation from Brown smacks of a man caught with his fingers in the till trying to suggest he didn’t do it because it was the bad boy next door. It’s like all of the last two years has led to this point where Westminster has wiped it’s collective arse with the ‘Vow’ and now Brown is having to try to ‘save’ it, when in fact the only fucking thing he’s trying to save is his job.

I know Yes campaigners know ‘The Vow’ was a lie and will be angry about it regardless, but it’s those who voted No based upon this ‘vow’ that I imagine are going to be angry, or if they’re not then they should bloody well be because right now you should realise that Brown had no power or authority to promise anything and ‘the Vow’ is only useful for wrapping up chips in. Why on earth would a supposed cross party agreement which was the basis of many people voting No need further confirmation from the people unless of course, it was shite in the first place?

It is all a bloody sad, sick joke.


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