What I thought of Nightworld #3

What I thought of #1 and #2.



Issue three of the sad tale of the demonic Plenilunio continues with heavy does of influence from Jack Kirby, Steve Rude and Mario Bava, and it’s more the better for it as the quest to unlock Plenilunio’s lover Lidia from her eternal sleep. Yes, this really isn’t people in spandex fighting each other every other page. Instead we have demons having beer sprayed in their faces.


And when was the last time you saw a proper fight scene in a comic with proper sound effects?


Nightworld is a fantastic book which is on the surface, uncomplicated, but there’s an awful lot going on here that will pass people by if they focus on it as just an action/adventure title. They’ll miss the fun, the satire and the wonderful melodrama of it all.

It’s a bloody pity next issue is the last. I only hope it’s an ending that leaves it open for more stories of this quality.



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