What I thought of Terminal Hero #3

Thoughts about #1 and #2.


All three issues of Pete Milligan’s new comic Terminal Hero, have taken huge leaps in terms of story and character as our protagonist Rory has went from a young doctor doing good, to a hired killer murdering people for the British and American governments.  He’s also got over his incurable cancer but has developed very strange superpowers instead. Got it all? Good, because this really is a treat of a comic.

At the start of this issue Rory has assumed the identity of an innocent bystander at one of his assassinations by the name of Chris Walker in an attempt to escape his governmental masters. Unfortunately for Rory he’s landed himself in a very strange situation when he took over Walker’s body and meets who he thinks is Walker’s girlfriend.


Kim turns out to Walker’s wife, and from here the story gets weirder if such a thing is actually possible at this point as Rory fully inhabits Walker’s life and thinks he’s become a happy man well hidden from his former employers in government. Sadly for Rory he’s haunted by visions of Lola, his dead sister, and at this point there’s suggestions of something very, very dark in Rory’s past.

Terminal Hero is a dark comic, but it’s also got a very twisted sense of humour which reminds me of the Chris Morris radio programme, Blue Jam, as it delves into the same dark humour that programme did.


This really is a comic where I have no idea where it’s going as by the end of this issue more people have taken the ‘cure’ which gave Rory his powers and he himself seems to be turning to god to escape everything. Obviously he won’t but I do love how Milligan is throwing a lot out there in the hope it all sticks which thankfully, most of it does. There are things which don’t seem to work yet but this really does seem like a book that’s going to be more rewarding read as a whole.

I look forward to see how Rory gets further fucked up next issue.


3 thoughts on “What I thought of Terminal Hero #3

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