Daily Mail readers’ vile, racist attacks on Malala for winning the Nobel Peace Prize

Daily Mail readers are scum. This is well known. Every now and then (or every week) they confirm this.

This is what Mail readers think of Malala winning a Nobel Peace Price . Forget about compassion or admiration about a girl who stood up to a fascistic regime and nearly died because of it. No, now we’re looking after her in the UK and we’re ‘better together’ you have bitter racists attacking her for being browner than they are.

Fuck the Mail. Fuck their readers. They’re scum. Malala has done more to help the world in her short life than any reader of the Daily Mail ever could.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Daily Mail!)

Sometimes Daily Mail readers show their true faces – and they’re as ugly and vile as you would expect them to be.

Here are just a few of the nasty and downright racist comments in the Daily Mail today after it was announced that Malala had won the Nobel Peace Prize:

“Send her back home.”

“How come she’s still here?”

“The UK taxpayer has been stumping up the bill for her to fly around the world.”

“Sick of hearing about her.”

“A joke. She has been awarded a Noble Prize for stopping a bullet?”

“I just find her annoying.”

“Why is she still here?”

“Living off the taxpayer.”

“Praise some British kids for a change.”


Remember, these comments are about a little girl who was shot at point blank range by the Taliban for wanting to go to school and – despite still being a target for…

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2 thoughts on “Daily Mail readers’ vile, racist attacks on Malala for winning the Nobel Peace Prize

  1. That is sick, she’s a human being with red blood like all of us, it shouldn’t matter to people what colour their skin is, she deserves her Nobel Prize


  2. They are awful people. Fuck them. They are disgusting racist cunts. They hate her just because she is Muslim.

    Fuck Islamophobia. Malala is a hero with a very inspiring story.


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