What was on Television the week I was born?

The BBC have dumped all their past issues of Radio Times online so it’s now possible to see what exactly was being shown on TV when we were all still squealing pink things throwing up and shitting everywhere. They’ve put all these listing on a site called Genome, which is the sort of Beta site designers throw out that looks like every other Beta site because website designers can’t be arsed.

The day I was born (I’m not daft enough to say exactly when that is) had some crackers.


with Rodney Bewes
This week we’re very glad to say
That Rupert Bear is back each day More of his stories old and new He’s bringing specially for you!


Unknown: Rodney Bewes
Unknown: Rupert Bear
Aww, I was born in time for the wonderful Rodney Bewes and Rupert the Bear. I used to love Rupert so maybe this is why?
After Blue Peter there was this.


A serial in sixteen episodes
PART 16: The Trap
Baral now has both Zeppos and Ariane in his clutches, and makes his preparations to blow up the quarry

What the what now? A bit of research shows that Captain Zeppos was a Belgian TV series.

Err, quite….

Anyhow, after some Magic Roundabout it’s all a bit newsy until Daktari and United, a programme about a fictional football team I’d never heard of til now and as all the episodes were wiped, I’m never going to see it. Seeing however it seems to have been a training ground for Doctor Who writers it’s a pity we never will see this programme again.

Then at 7.30 pm it’s Till Death Us Do Part. It’s quite remarkable today that this programme went out pre-watershed, but it’s quite admirable it did. So after Panorama there’s the news, and a play, The Troubleshooters, Then something called Melodies For You, more news, weather and finally on BBC One on the day I was born, Parliamo Italiano, not to be confused with Parliamo Glasgow.

On BBC Two, the highlight is Play School. Otherwise it’s all a bit, well dull and not worth repeating. On the Light Programme, Rolf Harris has a show at 10 in the morning. Less said about that the better…

Genome is great fun if you want to endless wallow in nostalgia, which to be honest, is pretty much what we all want to do as the future is uncertain, so the warm comforting thought of Rolf Harris broadcasting to the nation as I was born is all that keeps me insane at nights…..


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