Love’s Labour’s Lost

I’m off work due to a cold which wiped my weekend out, so I’ve been following the implosion of Scottish Labour, and the jiggerpokery it’s supporters are trying to do in order to spin Johann Lamont’s resignation as Labour ‘leader’ in Scotland as some sort of positive. In fact it’s exposed the horrible mess not just Labour in Scotland are in but the UK as a whole, not to mention in five weeks we’ve seen Better Together being totally exposed as a sad sham.

This splendid blog from Bella Caledonia does go into detail but the question is now is how Labour can survive? I don’t think they can and at this point the supporters of the party in England need to catch up with the people of Scotland realise that because Labour supported wonderful things in 1945, and dragging out Harry Leslie Smith to remind people of this isn’t telling the story of the party today or what it really stands for.

So right now the leader of Scottish Labour seems to be a choice between Jim Murphy, Kezia Dugdale and hilariously, Gordon Brown who would lead I assume via Skype.

Who would have thought that the winners in the referendum campaign would lose so badly?

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