Maybe it’s time to listen to Pink Floyd’s The Final Cut again

I grew up hating Pink Floyd. They were a band for middle class hippies who would sneer at you for liking two minute pop or punk songs and mock you for not appreciating 20 minute bass or organ solos, and I’m sure there’s many a hippy who could play with their organ for 20 minutes.

Whether it’s because i’m getting old, or it’s because I’ve actually listed to it properly for the first time ever, I’ve discovered a love for The Final Cut. It’s a stunning polemic by Roger Waters on the end (as he thought) the post war state Britain created that he assumed ended in the 1980’s. As it turned out it’s still kicking, just, but is terminal which is why this is an album people should rediscover, or in my case, discover. Even if it is liked by bloody hippies..


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