What I thought of Nightworld #4

What I thought of #1#2 and #3.


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series which takes elements of comics of the past from the likes of Jack Kirby and gives them a nice, modern twist. It’s a pity that this is the final issue but does Nightworld get a good send off?

Well yes it does and Plenilunio even has a chance to be heroic rather than moping around a deserted castle. Before then we find out what made Plenilunio the creature he is, why Lidia is in the state she’s in and what exactly the Underboss did.


There’s a bit of a tip of the hat towards Steve Ditko this issue and I’m pleased to say that although this is the end of this four issue series, Nightworld will be back. Which is good, we need comics like Nightworld just to offset the lack of joy in mainstream comics and this comic might wrap itself in angst but it’s all about a good enjoyable read which is really something that doesn’t come along with mainstream comics often.

Roll on volume two!




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