Child abuse inquiry can’t find if anyone labelled files ‘child abuse’

Teresa May announced the results of the Wanless report into whether there’s an institutional cover up of child abuse and sadly, nobody labelled files ‘Child Abuse Cover-Up’ to be easily found by an inquiry with all the forensic rigor of a child looking at what flavour ice cream they want to eat.

To quote:

Wanless says the record-keeping practices inside the Home Office at the time mean it is not possible to reach a categorical conclusion on whether or not files were destroyed as part of a cover-up but says: “We found nothing specific to support a concern that the Home Office had failed in any organised or deliberate way to identify or refer individual allegations of child abuse to the police.”

Now if I returned a report in at work which said that ‘well yes, stuff has been destroyed, but hey I didn’t find any evidence of anything dodgy‘, I’d expect my arse to be handed to me as frankly, this is just saying ‘ a big dog stole my homework‘ in terms of excuses. There’s still a spotlight on various former MP’s such as Leon Brittan and there’s a definite feel that the establishment are closing ranks and have concocted this rather astonishing situation where a ‘report’ is worth the sum of fuck all.

Thanks to campaigners this isn’t going to go away but anyone should be questioning the nature of our democracy because this stinks to high heaven.


One thought on “Child abuse inquiry can’t find if anyone labelled files ‘child abuse’

  1. with peter wanless – past associate of lady diana brittan – did you think he would look very deep and with any real forensic rigour ?


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