What I thought of A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night #2

Thoughts about #1


This adaption of the world’s first Iranian vampire Western makes me want to see the film it’s adapted from even more than the first one. Partly it’s because the idea is so fascinating and partly it’s because if the visuals in the film match the ones being put forward in the comic then it should be an extraordinary film.


Yes, the prose is a bit like an overcooked Neil Gaiman or Alan Moore at times, but it’s an enthralling read as we see out lead vampire strand herself in the desert to die, except she decides the lights of Bad City are worth seeing.

In the months since the first issue we’ve not got the official trailer plus with the film opening across the world in various locations it’s getting some very good reviews indeed. Looking at the trailer shows the vision is a very clear one which does look like it draws upon Western genre film heavily, but there’s something in there I don’t recognise and it’s that which is attracting me so much to the film.

Anyhow, enjoy the second issue and also enjoy the film’s trailer.


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