Stars unite to raise money to help Myleene Class fight the deadly mansion tax

Myleene Klass is someone who became a millionaire after winning a talent show on ITV. She has somehow moved from singing other people’s songs to being a talking head on various TV programmes and is in the news now for giving Ed Milliband a tough time in regards Labour’s proposed mansion tax on some banal ITV magazine programme. The clip of Klass and Milliband defines exactly what the problem is with political debate now.

One one hand we’ve got Klass claiming that £2 million ‘won’t even buy a garage’ in London and when pointing at a glass of water stating that ‘you can’t tax anything you point at’. Well, in fact Myleene, if that was bottled water you were pointing at it was subject to VAT, so it’s taxed and yes, government can point at anything it likes and tax it. It’s what government does. As for £2 million not even getting you a garage, this is also nonsnese, though you will have to look hard in London because thanks to house prices being over-inflated it’s becoming harder for the little old grannies Klass mentions to stay in their homes because they can’t afford to live in where they may have been brought up in. She frankly, looks and sounds like an idiot failed popstar trying to defend being rich and having to pay her way in society.

And Milliband sits there spouting the same old soundbites. Yes, helping the NHS is great but here was a point when Milliband could make a point of principle and say ‘actually Myleene, this mansion tax is for people like you and your mates who moan about tax. ‘ He could have stood firmly as a party of social justice and equality trying to control leeches like Klass, but he fudged it.

Still, it does look like he’s won the debate by default as the reaction to Klass’s out of touch bollocks has backfired on her, regardless what the right wing press say.

I hope this is a sign we might, just might have a debate about social democracy and equality in the forthcoming election that isn’t just driven by the SNP, Greens or Plaid Cymru.

It won’t be but we can but dream….

Pride's Purge


Stars including One Direction, Emeli Sande, Rita Ora and Ed Sheeran have recorded a new version of the Band Aid charity single to raise money to help Myleene Class in her fight against the spread of the deadly mansion tax.

The recording of the reworked Do They Know It’s Christmas – which also included Ellie Goulding, Sam Smith, Chris Martin and Bono – comes exactly 30 years after the original Band Aid song was released to help eradicate the severe famine of attention which was being suffered by large numbers of 1980s pop stars at the time.

Victims of the deadly mansion tax – a disease which effects humans and other primates earning over several million a year – typically display symptoms such as intense whining and constant bouts of moaning, followed by copious vomiting of bullshit from several orifices.

And in the final stages of the mansion tax, sufferers afflicted by the disease often experience dangerously high blood…

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