What I thought of Annihilator #3

Thoughts about #1 and #2.



I’m sort of enjoying Annihilator in the same way I sometimes listen to Iron Maiden and pretend I’m still 13 and learning what my willy is for. When I think about it afterwards I feel remorse and guilt but a little frisson of joy at reliving something from my youth and this is the case with Annihilator.


This comic is the equivalent of Blondie playing at Glastonbury. It’s fantastic at the time and will live in the memory as something you enjoyed, but you can’t help but think that you saw them when they were at their pomp rather than reliving past glories at the twilight of their career.

We’re still finding out more about Max Nomax and the ‘data bullet’ he implanted in Ray Spass’s head which has to be downloaded as a script for the film Ray is writing. I do get the feeling this is Morrison trying to give a little of himself to the reader but it seems all so forced while the soap opera Ray is trying to tell is in itself a fun read. There’s a sense of comfortable middle aged rebellion here from a writer who’s made himself wealthy through his talent telling a story of a failed writer trying to find a spark of creativity through his creation which has come to life. Doctors would have a field day trying to unravel the potential problems being thrown out here.

We do find out more about Ray this issue, we see how Max Nomax has influenced culture on Earth and we see a more pressing threat arrive on planet Earth to find Nomax, and it is all fun. But it’s light on originality.


Of course another word has to be said for Fraser Irving’s art which is splendid, if somewhat 90’s in feel at times but then again it’s 2014, we’re allowed to wallow in the past.

2 thoughts on “What I thought of Annihilator #3

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