What I thought of High Pilot: Orbits of Ephemera #1


A few weeks ago Dominic Regan’s People Protector Akay came out on Comixology and this week it’s the turn of High Pilot and most welcome it is too. Imagine a comic drawn on an ZX Spectrum (this isn’t an insult) and you get a jist of the rather unique design look of this comic.

Like Akay, Dominic seems to have designed this specifically to be read on digital devices, though it’d easily be read in a hard copy, which for me as someone who’s worked in and out in digital marketing and thrown around phrases like ‘future proofing’ without being sick over myself, is Dominic playing it very clever, not to mention making it easy for those of us who enjoy reading comics digitally now. I was someone who lived for weekly floppy comics and now I really buy trades and collections because it’s so much more enjoyable reading comics this way.

highpilotorbitsofephemera1Dominic seems to be the same and appreciates that making a comic which can be optimised to be read just one way is missing an opportunity. High Pilot wears its influences well (the spectre of Jack Kirby always looms large) but it’s filtered through Dominic’s sensibilities and what comes out the other end isn’t a bland homage, but something which strongly stands up in it’s own right.



There’s a fun, almost playful, but at the same time tone here but at the same time it feels like Steve Ditko’s Doctor Strange stories crossed with a bit of Steranko. Also High Pilot rides a giant white spider which isn’t the sort of thing you see in comics an awful lot…


High Pilot is enormous fun and like Akay,it’s only 69p from Comixology which is an absolute bargain considering how vastly overpriced some mainstream comics are. This really is a joy of a read, so buy it.



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