What I Thought of Memetic #2

Thoughts about #1.



This highly entertaining story of how an internet meme sparks the end of the world as the #GoodTimeSloth travels the planet causing people to turn into murderous psychopaths. What is odd is that this issue is designed to be read left to right while is a tad disconcerting but it adds to a sense of unease as the planet quickly falls to pieces.

We resume the story of Aaron who is not infected with this madness, but most of the planet has and as much as the authorities try to calm things down, the situation becomes much, much worse as The Screamers (the name given to those people who’ve been infected by the madness) try to spread the word.


Meanwhile at the Pentagon, the blind Colonel Marcus Shaw tries to pull together what resources and troops he can, and with most of the US infected by the Good Time Sloth meme, this means he’s not got a lot of work with.


This is an incredibly cinematic script with even the sort of massive exposition that you’d get in a disaster film from the scientist character trying to work things out.



Memetic is a vastly enjoyable disaster/horror/SF comic which does suffer from some flat character dialogue plus some disaster movie cliches however the entire thing is so energetically original in idea and so enjoyable in execution that it overcomes the cliches and poor dialogue for a cracking read. Yes, it does read like the pitch of a film, but I’d pay to see a film of this, of course it’d be butchered and dumbed down, but it’d make a fine film.


This issue is more action orientated than the first, but there’s still a few nice character moments in among the mayhem as the world speeds to it’s end but there’s still a chance the world may be saved, but can our characters find a solution to the meme of the Good Time Sloth? We’ll find out in the third and final issue next month.


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