What I thought of True Stories #1


I’ve been vaguely aware of Derf Backderf’s cartoons for a while but never took the plunge into reading them. Sadly, I’ve missed out vastly as these cartoons might on the surface be a mutant cross between Peter Bagge, Robert Crumb and Harvey Pekar, and while there’s elements of those creators work in here, this is a different voice from those other creators. These are a collection of four panel stories of incidents Backderf saw and they can be sad, funny, or just plain weird as is often the case in life.



These are wonderfully funny, cynical and weird cartoons that tell stories about life in big cities. Yes, this is obviously set in American but these are the sort of universal weirdness that you’ll see anywhere in the developed world and that’s what’s so great about this collection of cartoons.


I’d recommend buying this as it’s just glorious comics. It really is.


2 thoughts on “What I thought of True Stories #1

  1. Reblogged this on letters to walter kovacs and commented:
    Just stumbled on this comic. I have never heard of Derf Backderf before but from the write up here and the small exerts from his new work ‘True Stories’ it looks intriguing. I am always interested by comics that embrace the classic strip format. Here Backderf does it by encompassing everything in small four panel episodes.


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