Raw Meat Radio-A Chris Morris documentary

I’ve been a fan of Chris Morris since stumbling across On The Hour one night on the radio many, many years ago. When The Day Today turned up on television I was so amazed by how brilliantly funny it was that I turned down a surefire shag one night it was on. That’s how much I love Chris Morris’s work.

The BBC have done a three hour retrospective documentary of his radio work from On the Hour onward and it’s wonderful. Even though some of the material is 20 years old plus it’s still sounding fresh and original which really, really can’t be said about much comedy made today that will be lucky to be remembered next week, let alone in 2034. I’d strongly take three hours out of your evening to listen to this as it’s splendid and as a wee treat, here’s Morris playing his Steve Wright inspired character Wayne Carr on the Select Magazine flexi disc.

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