What I thought of And Then Emily Was Gone #5

Thoughts about #1#2#3 and #4.


The final issue of this splendid series came out a few weeks ago but somehow I missed it, so albeit a wee bit late, here’s my thoughts on what has been a fantastic series, but does it deliver a conclusion? Do we find out what happened to Emily, or who or what Bonnie Shaw is, or what exactly is going on with the hitmen or any of the other dangling threads in this series? Well, sort of. I’d say more but it really would spoil a few surprises but as soon as you hit the first few pages it’s clear things are not going to be simplistic and easy here, which really is a draw to me for a comic that refuses to pander.


Does the sad figure of Greg Hellinger find redemption? Sort of and in fact a lot of characters find the fate they perhaps deserve in a world where nothing is every entirely as it seems, especially on the little island of Merksay.

I hope there’s more to come from the creative team of writer John Lees and artists Iain Laurie, not only because And Then Emily Was Gone has been so unique in a market of average comics, but because these two have some serious potential to do even better which is why I hope to hear more from this team in 2015 and beyond.

If you’ve missed this series I recommend buying the trade so the story can be read in one sitting as it really does add to the creeping sense of weirdness not to mention bizarre Scottish oddness running through this wonderful title. I look forward to more soon…


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