What I thought of Bodies #6

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I had the impression that this was the last issue, but there’s two more to come, so I put my confusion down to the fact that it’s Christmas and I actually have time off work! Also, this is by far the best cover in this series so far. It’s very Manara which is a nice compliment to a series where I’ve not especially said much about the art, which is consistent but at times a bit patchy. This issue however has the best art of the series from all the artists and it’s a joy to look at.

As for the story, it’s entitled ‘Interview‘ which is exceptionally topical and a handy stroke of coincidence with what’s going on in the world right now. Moving on, the issue starts right after last issue with the murder victim at the heart of the story confessing his own murder throughout time.  Yes, you really have to have been reading this comic from the start to even understand a bit of that statement.



We find out why ‘Interview’ is the title of this issue quickly as the early part of this issue is made up of an interview between John Bull, the victim, and the D.I, but things take a quick shocking diversion before ending up in the Victorian era again with more hints and clues as to what exactly is going on including the nature of the Long Harvest.



Si Spencer has littered clues and hints throughout this series as to what exactly is happening but I’m still at a total loss as to what’s going to happen in the last issues, or indeed how the main characters will end up as all of them seem to be in very bad places by the end of this issue.

Bodies is building up to a promising climax after what for me, was an iffy first couple of issues, but it’s head a fantastic head of steam for what is a proper genre mash-up of SF, horror, detective fiction, Guardian level politics, and melodrama among the dozens of others ideas it takes and uses in order to tell a complete story.It’s almost like a crime investigation in itself as each issue uncovers a little bit more of the story and more facts are presented forensically to the reader.

Only two more issue to wrap all this up in and I have no idea how that’s going to happen which is wonderful.


3 thoughts on “What I thought of Bodies #6

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