Merry Christmas to all, even to the deviant perverts out there.

It’s Christmas Day. It’s lovely, peaceful and quiet. I’m popping down the pub for a few small shandies in a bit but this morning I’ve been tidying up a few things, recovering from Christmas Eve drinks (never again) and going through my messages on my blog here. Then something caught my eye as to what search terms people were using to find this blog and frankly, they’re a bit, well, disturbing.



Crossed refers to the comic, of which I recently did a review of Alan Moore’s first issue a few weeks back. However you’d think that creepy deviants would take at least one day off a year to at least get drunk, sit alone home and cry about how much of a horrible depressing mess their own life is that they have to be searching for stuff like this on Christmas Day.

So a merry Christmas to everyone who has in some way supported this blog this year, even those sad wee perverts sitting alone at home wanking and crying.

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