What I Thought of Memetic #3

Thoughts about #1 and #2.



I’ve enjoyed this rather good mini series about a meme causing the apocalypse. It hasn’t done anything spectacular in terms of advancing the comics medium but as a good bit of storytelling and a nice idea, it’s done a great job even if it really does show itself as a film proposal, which sadly is all too true of far too many mainstream comics these days.

Anyhow, this final issue sees humanity pretty fucked as the #GoodWillSloth goes from a visual meme to an audible one, and that means even the blind could get affected.There’s also a fantastically horrific start as the affected start, well, building things but that’s best kept relatively unspoiled as it’s a fantastic image. Meanwhile though we find one of our group of characters find the home of the source and it’s not what they expected.


While Aaron is trying to rescue a little girl who has avoided being affected by the meme.



Do they succeed? Buy the book to find out, but it doesn’t shy away from what it’s been building up to which isn’t to say there’s not the odd surprise, in fact the end is somewhat surprising and somewhat predictable at the same time.

Memetic has been a great little bit of SF/horror updating the end of the world for the 21st century, though not perfect or indeed unique, it at least attempts to get up off it’s arse to do something original and it succeeds in doing that in a well told wee story.

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