2015 has smashed me in the face and dragged me into it’s bosum

I woke up on New Year’s Day looking and feeling like this.


I have no idea of getting home, or indeed what time I left the pub on Hogmanay, but I did and as I was throwing up yesterday morning I tasted the spirits coming up that I’d obviously taken in the night before.So first thing for this year is a ban on drinking spirits. I can be doing with that feeling the next day anymore.

I also realised I’ve not done a little summary of what I’m doing or where I am with the stuff I wanted to do with the blog for some time. The blog is doing just fine and gets a decent amount of hits every day, though some days are more spectacular than others and that’s down mainly to some of the political stuff I do and the comic reviews. Crossed seems to have especially went down well with crazed freaks, and the Miracleman ones always go down very well indeed with a core of Alan Moore fans. Expect then more reviews of not only new comics, but I’m going to do some choice classics from the past with Watchmen high on my list, but I’ll try not to be too obvious.

I’ve done the big festival blogs but over the past months I’ve remembered more stuff and more importantly, found a box containing old letters and bits and bobs of old diaries, so I’m going to do a blog featuring some of the stuff I’ve found which won’t just take into account festivals, but I’ll do something as well for comic conventions from the 80’s and 90’s as this box contained some interesting pictures among other things that I’d like to throw out there into the world.

As for me myself, I’m planning on being done with Bristol this year and moving back to Glasgow (finances permitting) in the autumn. There’s a lot of reasons for this happening now from the fact the cost of living in Bristol is becoming ridiculous (it now feels like London in parts of the city and needless to say,that’s reflected in the cost of living) to the fact I’d quite like to be back in Glasgow as after being away for 25 years it’s going to feel like a new city. Also, watching the Scottish independence referendum from afar made me wish I was there as there’s so much I’m clearly missing being so far from Scotland and Glasgow. With that in mind I’m going to do a few more things about Bristol to sort of wrap up living here in my head and help me get into the mindset that I need to move so I’m more motivated than I already am.

That’s a rough plan. I’m sure I’ll change things over the year so this is a chance to wish all a happy 2015 and that it’s much, much better than the shitehouse that was 2014.

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