What I thought of Terminal Hero #5

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As I’m writing this the Ramones are shouting ‘lobotomy’ at the top of their lungs as I listen to their greatest hits CD. It seems very apt for this comic that feels at times if your brain is being pulled out through your nose and then shoved back in once it’s taken a pounding by Pete Milligan who is personally mashing people’s brains in for a laugh. Right away this issue features Minish and Mia (the two students also developing powers thanks to taking Treatment Q but going quite mad and bad because of it) doing some very odd things indeed.


As Minish and Mia have taken so much Treatment Q just upping their dose isn’t going to help them maintain their highs so they go off to find another solution, while Rory returns to the UK still in Chris Walker’s body to again work for the British secret service and kill Minish and Mia before they cause more mayhem. See, you don’t get that sort of synopsis in Green Lantern do you?


Pete Milligan’s tale of reluctant hero Rory and the life he now leads is simply a fantastic comic only let down at times by some flat storytelling from artist Piotr Kowalski, but it’s not just going over old ground, but Milligan is pushing himself and what the reader can accept here which makes this an exciting comic, yet one that isn’t for the faint at heart especially as Mr. Tumor makes a return this issue.


There is even a sort of superhero fight scene in this issue but it only really gets in the way of what is either a rhetorical story about Rory, a man struggling to deal with the visions his cancer has brought him or we really are reading about a man who has been turned into a superhero by taking a drug meant to cure his cancer.

Don’t know about you but I know what I’d prefer is going on.

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