Robert Crumb’s reaction to the Charlie Hebdo massacre is perfect

Robert Crumb is one of my heroes of comics. He’s also one of the men responsible for dragging the medium of comics in America up by the neck and dragging it out of the superhero ghetto in titles such as Zap Comix and Weirdo, though it was often a case where Crumb and his publishers would be fighting against authorities who would ban his often deeply controversial work. And yes, some of Crumb’s work is racist, misogynistic and deeply offensive. I still find his Angelfood McSpade material hard to even look at, let alone accept but then again, I admire Crumb’s complete honesty in how he’s justified and explained his work even if I can’t personally look at some of it without being offended.

As someone at the forefront of comics and satire, not to mention as a current resident of France, he’s been talking to the New York Observer about last week’s murder at Charlie Hebdo, and the reaction to it, not to mention his cartoon of Muhammed. It is fascinating reading and it’s good to see Crumb still has the fire in his belly after all these years, not to mention he uses it as another way to have a pop at Ralph Bakshi.

Read the interview, it’s funny, smart and great to see Crumb in action doing that thing he does best…..



Also, here’s Aline Crumb’s cartoon detailing her response to her husbands cartoon.


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