What I thought of Wild’s End #5

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The second last issue of Abnett and Culbard’s highly entertaining alien invasion story starts with our main characters under serious threat as the aliens become even more dangerous.



After narrowly escaping death our crew decide to held to Leechpool, where the intention is to get a boat or a punt to escape the aliens and warn the world about what’s coming, but as we’ve seen so far in Wild’s End, this is easier said than done. Luck holds out for them and they manage to find a punt and head on their way.


This has been an exciting little adventure that although it tries hard to maintain a sense of verisimilitude, sometimes slips as characters use late  20th century slang which does take me out of the comic. That aside, Wild’s End is a great adventure comic that’s coming to a hopefully satisfying climax though I do struggle as to how everything is to get wrapped up in one last issue.

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