The Carpenters ‘Goodbye To Love’ is simply glorious

The other day I was buying some quorn and green tea as I’ve decided to actually get fit properly again and while I was in the shop wading through Lib Dem voters, the song Goodbye To Love by The Carpenters came on the radio. I’d not heard it in years, possibly even decades so when it came on it took me a wee while for the song to click and when I did I instantly thought two things. Firstly, ”what the bloody hell, not the bloody Carpenters!!” followed almost right away with the thought ‘bloody hell, this song is actually amazing!’.

See years ago as a young punk or alternative type in the 1980’s and 1990’s, the thought of liking the likes of The Carpenters was seriously frowned upon by budding young snobs like myself. Now I’ve had my Epiphany I have now realised the error of my ways and been appreciating the music I should have more time for rather than writing it off as MOR dross. But it’s Karen Carpenter’s voice, dear lord, her voice, is astonishing.  I’ve never heard it before in this way, and it’s just extraordinary. but my late awakening to her voice is tempered only by the fact it’s taken decades for me to work this all out.

So here’s the song that woke me up rather late to The Carpenters.



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