Leon Brittan is dead and has escaped justice.

I wrote this blog last summer about Leon Brittan and the various conspiracy theories around him, and indeed, the veracity of these theories. Frankly, we’ll never know if Leon Brittan was a vicious abusive paedophile that is linked with the murders of children, as he’s dead and dead men can’t be tried in a court of law, that is of course if the death of Brittan doesn’t open up a can of worms as after all this is the Home Secretary that ‘lost’ documents related to high level paedophiles and child abusers, and was by far the name that has cropped up over and over and over again in regards being involved in child abuse for decades.

As one can imagine, social media is erupting with stories, some are obviously bollocks, but there’s snippets of information that in retrospect is utterly damning. For example, these documents from Brittan when he was Home Secretary saying that customs didn’t need to give names of people found possessing child abuse images.




Ken Clarke is publically shouting ‘conspiracy theory’ yet there’s enough circumstantial evidence that had Teresa May’s child abuse inquiry and two or three years ago as it should have then Brittan would have spent his last days in court (though he was under investigation for historic rape accusations) and possibly in prison. Now he’s escaped a fair trial and the victims of the institutional abuse still can’t see justice in front of them, yet now Brittan is dead there’s a chance that the media may just decide to do a Savile on him and spill all the dirty stories that have racked up over the last 50 years about Brittan and things like Elm Guest House.

If these skeletons are exposed and proven, then this could bring down an entire establishment and hopefully the whole house of cards collapses. Certainly this is going to be an interesting weekend and I’d suggest people keep a close eye on the Exaro investigative news site as they’ve been superb in driving this story forward when other media organisations have been ignoring what could be one of the biggest stories of the last 50 years.

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