Leon Brittan was under investigation for abusing children by the Met Police

Exaro News have confirmed this weekend that recently deceased former Home Secretary Leon Brittan was the subject of an investigation into child abuse and the things he was under investigation for are shocking. The one that really stands out is that Brittan is alleged to have been present at a murder of a boy in the early 1980’s and that he’s at the very heart of the ”Westminster paedophile network”.

Now, it’s quite easy to draw a conclusion that the delays over Teresa May’s inquiry is not only to buy time to allow time for Brittan to die a free man but to ensure that this inquiry never actually happens and those abusers or murderers still alive escape a trial followed by a hopefully lengthy imprisonment, but Brittan sails off into death having done a Savile and escaped any sort of trial where the public manage to see the heart of the political establishment ripped open.

It’s now clear that without Exaro’s splendid investigative journalism the case wouldn’t even be where it is now, or indeed, the public wouldn’t have a clue about what may have been happening at the heart of power. For that they’ve played an important part in democracy as the pressure needs to keep being kept up as something, or someone might crack and you never know, there might be some trials and the victims might actually find some justice.



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