What I thought of Bodies #7

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At the end of last issue I had no bloody idea how the writer Si Spencer could wrap up this fascinating series from Vertigo Comics. After reading this issue there’s some more clues but I’d still stuck wondering how things are going to be wrapped up in the final issue.


So yes, we want answers and we get them, but thankfully Spencer doesn’t spoon feed the reader, and as has been the case all throughout this series, the reader has to work too, especially as the issue starts in the Victorian era with the detective Edmund being lured into something, and as we’ll realise by now, it’s probably not going to be good.

As Edmund deals with his discoveries, we find out more about Moriarty’s past in the future London, and again, it’s not good.


And in the present day things don’t look good for Sharara.


As for Karl in the past during the Second World War, things are really bad.


Though things aren’t quite as they seem here.

By the end of this issue the reader has some idea as to what they think is going on, but the final page makes it clear that really, we’ve not had a bloody clue about anything or anyone in this splendid series that is really the best thing Vertigo have done in some time.

And there’s the thing. Vertigo Comics should be about risks and Bodies has been a risky series for a mainstream American publisher in the current climate as it really doesn’t feel like a typical Vertigo comic. Now as for what happens in the final issue I’ve not got a fucking clue and that is what you need from a mystery so next issue we find out about the Order of Mithras, the pulse, Jack the Ripper and everything else.

Or do we? After all nothing in this series has been predictable.


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